Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Santiago Chicken

In his heyday, the fame of "the hardest working bird in show business" extended beyond U.S. waters:
Like every ballpark, Estadio has peculiarities – a lighted foul pole, 'Home Club' painted in English on a dugout, bullpens beyond the outfield fence containing actual bulls. The arrival of a mascot at home plate delights the foreigners. Yellow-feathered, red-combed, the rooster wearing the uniform of the Cuban national team bears a curious resemblance to the San Diego Chicken. "Look, it's the Santiago Chicken," someone quips. The game slipping away from the home side, the rooster takes his head off to peck at home plate, as though casting some weird voodoo spell. "No, it's the Santeria Chicken," another tour member says ...

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