Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Interview in Oregon Music News

Oregon Music News is currently running an interview with me, in which I try to explain what I'm up to musically these days.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Portland and Eugene

This week I'm heading back down Oregon way for a couple of shows with the expanded version of my band, including the horn section. Working without a net is always fun, but this is way better.

Friday night (Jan. 22) it's a return engagement at Duff's Garage in Portland. We've worked up a bunch of new songs and we'll be pulling out all the stops, with emphasis on Texas blues and Gulf Coast boogie woogie, plus some soulful homage to Sun Ra. It's also an Aquarius Birthday Party night, with all the trimmings. Better bring those dancing shoes!

Saturday night (Jan 23) I'll be making my first appearance in Eugene since the last time I was there with Paul deLay, some years back. The whole high-class sympathy Arkestra will be making the trip with me down to Mac's at the Vets.

Starting at 9:30 pm on both nights, we're gonna party like it's 1959!

Online Again in 2010

I've been quiet lately because my old iMac went into shock after a power spike. For some reason I had it plugged into the cheap strip, not the good one. It's back from the shop and running again, but it's still a little woozie. Guess I'd be woozie too if I had slept for a week.

By the way, there are several new videos of the band on my web site.