Friday, February 6, 2009

Northwest Pianorama Live on CBC

You can listen to Northwest Pianorama's performance at the 2008 Edmonton LaBatt Blues Festival Live on CBC.

The amazing Ann Rabson was filling in for D.K. Stewart that day. CBC producer Dan Cherwoniak took the photo -- see more of his shots by clicking on the link. Or see a really cool fan photo here.


doughhead said...

Hi David

As a Canadian journalist filmmaker who's been lucky enough to work with some of the most talented people the CBC has ever hired, I have a headsup: the CBC is in danger of imploding for want of the political will to keep it alive. The wonderful piece you've posted wouldn't have happened anywhere else. Just a thought. cheers/brendan howley

David Vest said...

Thanks for making that point, Brendan. I couldn't agree more. As I say in the broadcast, my father-in-law, Bob Bowers, was a long-time CBC deejay, based mainly in Windsor, Ontario. I neglected to mention that he got his start in radio with CBC in Edmonton. So my own sense of CBC's value and importance goes beyond the fact that they've presented my music to the world.

My only quarrel with CBC is that they've allowed Henry Champ to retire!