Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Return of Len Wade

Red Kelly over at "The 'B' Side" has a wonderful post on soul singer Len Wade, who has never had the recognition he deserves. Now that Len's music has been used in The Sopranos, maybe that's about to change.

I knew Len back in my Birmingham days. I think it was Bobby Mizzell who introduced me to him. I remember that he recorded a fabulous cover of Fats Domino's "Valley of Tears."

Somebody needs to get this guy back into a studio and get him booked at some blues festivals. At the very least, we need a Best of Len Wade compilation, the sooner the better.


Red Kelly said...

I'm right there with that, Dave!

Thanks for the linkage.

red kelly

Morgan said...

I have been searching, to no avail, for some len wade music. I only have one song of his, everybody's clown. I need more!

David Vest said...

Try searching for Len Wade's music here:

Totally Fuzzy's music blog search

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to find Bobby Mizzell?

David Vest said...

If anyone knows how to contact Bobby, they ain't talking.

Anonymous said...

David, I played with Bobby a few times back in 66 at the Flintlock Inn in what is now Clear Lake Tx. Wow, talking about a name from the past! He could sure tear that piano up. Wonder where he's at and what he's up to? Thanks for the memory......smokey